Who are we

Our Values :

Providing our best to our customers with efficiently as possible as we can, enhancing performance through Authentic and strategic concepts in pursuit of excellence in working as professional specialists adhering to absolute integrity.



Our Goals :

Providing trained and qualified professional employees that fit the needs of the labour market in different sectors

Provide adequate numbers of contractual employees needed by companies and corporate in accordance with clear and simplified contracting procedures.

Provide professional support that ensures our pursue to all Business related to contracted employees through the latest means and periodically.

Our Mission:

We strive to make Shahid Al Amal for Recruitment abroad the first choice for employees and companies by providing added value to everyone and applying the best standards to ensure the rights of customers from employers and employees and meet their needs by providing a better environment for brilliant and highly qualified employees for a long period of time.


Selecting best of Human Staff

Respecting all contracting parties’ rights

speed in work achievement

Quality at work and commitment to standards

Loyalty in dealing with customers